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ICF World Cup Marathon 2009

ICF World Cup Marathon 2009

2009-08-26 13:20

All results from ICF World Cup Marathon 2009 at Lake Bagsværd are now uploaded.


#1: theis | 2009-06-13 14:46

Kano C1 senior, mænd: Lasse Foged guld
Kajak K1 junior, mænd: Rasmus Jørgensen guld, Wiliam Axelsen Bronze
Kajak K1 senior, damer: Mie Ringsted, sølv
Kajak K1 junior, damer: Josephine Kanta, Guld, Zofia Nielsen, Bronze

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#2: theis | 2009-06-14 11:30

Kajak k2, junior mænd: Anders Jønsson/Kåre Thomsen Guld, Orion Pilo/Thomas Skyum Bronze
Kajak K2, kunior damer: Sofie Jørgensen/Annemia Pretzmann Guld

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#3: theis | 2009-06-14 16:55

Kajak k-2 senior, damer: Birgit Pontoppidan/Jeanette Løvborg Guld

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